Our Terms and Conditions

We are going to keep this pretty simple.

  1. We are a catalog site showcasing third party products. We do not endorse or guarantee the quality or provenance of any item listed.
  2. Please do your due diligence. We cannot be held responsible for any ‘bad transactions’ however we do ask that you make us aware so that we can take action to make the site a safer place to buy and sell.
  3. Any Buyer/Seller disputes must be dealt with by the parties involved. We are not in any way responsible for addressing, resolving or mediating buyer/seller disputes.
  4. We are not a marketplace for selling second hand goods.
  5. We do not currently facilitate any financial transactions.
  6. The platform will remain completely free for sellers to use for the rest of January 2021.  After that, we will be introducing online payments and a customer iPhone and android app so will be introducing an annual management fee.  We are passionate about never taking a slice of your profits by way of commission.
  7. Delivery, Collection, Shipping and Returns questions are for the Seller to address.
  8. It is forbidden to sell counterfeit products.
  9. We do not accept tobacco-based products or vape products.
  10. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate Neals Yard, BSAH, ‘Inspired By’ perfumes and similar products.
  11. No pets or animals – pet products are allowed.
  12. No ‘Adult’ products.
  13. No illegal products.
  14. No Dropshipping or FBA. You must hold and ship your own stock.
  15. We reserve the right to decline a shop if the product type has become saturated on the website.

Disclaimer : The above is a guide and not an exhaustive list of do’s and don’ts. Anything that a ‘reasonable person’ would consider to be unacceptable will also apply.

If in doubt please contact the support team : support@smallandbeautiful.store