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Sam – Bergamot and Flow

Sam – Bergamot & Flow

Hello everyone!

My name is Sam and I am the owner of Bergamot and Flow.

I’ve always been more creative than anything else and seem to have tried my hand at most things over the years – drawing, painting, sewing, crocheting, needle felting, origami – all sorts of things!

I love to make and create!

A while back, I made a new friend who used essential oils all the time!

He put a drop of wild orange in my palms and when I smelled it, I was hooked!

I started using essential oils in so many aspects of my life, but my favourite by far was making roller blends! These are little glass bottles of essential oils that are diluted with a carrier oil, so they glide easily onto your skin and get absorbed.

I started by just choosing the ones I liked the smell of most, but as I gradually researched the different properties and how they can support emotions and mood, I started to really feel the benefits!

I choose my combinations quite instinctively and then look them up and research the oils and find I’m not usually too far off the mark from what I wanted to create!

I have been practicing yoga for many years now and feel that essential oils fit so nicely alongside yoga that it was very natural for me to combine to two things. Both have so many benefits that are boosted when they are put together.

I am always trying to come up with new blends and new ideas, I think it’s a good idea to look at what you yourself need and let things develop from there.

I started to gift my roller blends to friends and family and then when word grew, I decided start Bergamot and Flow at the end of Summer 2020.

I was thrilled to find Small and Beautiful as it coincided with a time that I wanted to move my business onto a bigger audience and be part of something really unique and special – I am really excited for the future.

I have a full-time day job in a primary school, so Bergamot and Flow is a real change from my working week.

It brings me so much joy to be an alchemist at the weekend!

I don’t get quite as much time for the crafting side nowadays, but the school holidays do provide me with a little extra time to indulge now and then!

My husband is a great support to me, and our two boys are now grown up and at university so it’s just us at home.

I think he has gone nose blind with me asking his opinion on different versions of new blend ideas!

I live on the Suffolk coast and love to do yoga on the beach (in the warmer weather of course!) and breathe in the beautiful sea air! Of course, the chip shops and coffee shops are a plus too!

Along with lots of others during lockdown, I have succumbed to a houseplant addiction which I am trying to curb as I am running out of space!

Almost all of the plants I have bought have survived, almost…essential oils can do a lot of amazing things, but I’m not sure there is an oil for that!!

I really hope you enjoy browsing what I have to offer with Bergamot and Flow,  I am always on hand to help and advise if needed, just ask :

You can find a selection of my essential oils below and you can visit my Small & Beautiful Shop here:

2 thoughts on “Sam – Bergamot and Flow

  1. Margaret Mann says:

    I have/am using Sam’s Roller blends, and I can honestly say the benefits they bring are unquestionable. Mu ultimate favourites are The Zen Pen and Dreamland, the combination of both blends have pulled me through a rough 6 months, and I will continue to use both these, and my other daily blends, moving forward. Happy, Go Get ‘Em, Meet Mother Earth, Focus, I apply one of these every morning after my shower depending on my day ahead. Highly recommended.

  2. kirsty cholawo says:

    I was lucky enough to be gifted one of the Happy blends from Sam, i must admit i’m not one for essential oils but Bergamot and Flow has completely changed my view. i put this on as directed every day, just the smell alone is amazing enough to make you smile but it also seems to make me happier and more energised, i will be buying different ones in the future and i can’t wait to try them. keep up the good work Sam

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