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Kirsty and Luke – KirsLukey Craft

Kirsty & Luke – KirsLukey Craft

Hey Everybody

We are Kirsty and Luke, a Husband and Wife team from Wellington in Somerset.

I (Kirsty) am a Chef at a local pub and Luke works for the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance Charity.

As i have been off for most of the year due to the pub being closed and Luke has been working from home we have found a new love in creating Resin gifts.

We started off by talking about making a table out of pencils and Resin, (which we still haven’t made) we spent a lot of time researching on Youtube and joining Facebook pages, we decided to have a go at doing small things first, like our coasters and Keyrings.

After buying a few moulds and making a few different items, we showed our Family and Friends and they said they would love to buy some from us to give as gifts, and that was the start of KirsLukey Craft.

About our name.

We have been together for 14 years and whenever we entered into pub quizzes or played spot the difference on a pub game machine, we would always use the name Team Kirslukey.

We are also part of a car club, showing off our pride and joy in shows and modifying it to put more of our personality into it and yes you’ve guessed it, we are called Team Kirslukey there too.

We come from a small town in Somerset, we have only been here for 4 years, we used to live in a small village in Devon, but as we both work on the same roundabout in Wellington and a new house was for sale just up the road we just couldn’t miss the opportunity to move.

We have fantastic friends who live close to us, our neighbours have become really good friends, we have even built a gate through our fence so when we are allowed, we can pop in for a cuppa, or their little girl can just come in and say hello.

Handmade Picture LOVE Sign – Buy Here

Some of our orders in progress!

We have always put other people first and like to see people smile, so when we create anything, we always have our customers in mind, everything we make is made to order using a choice of over 60 colours, flowers, glitter and much much more.

We like to keep our prices low so we are affordable for all budgets. We have lots of products avalible from Pens to Signs.

For those who don’t know anything about resin, its a 2 part epoxy, when they are mixed together it causes a reaction, we have to be careful not to make a Exothermic Reaction, it gets hot as it cures, so it is very time critical.

We have 45 minutes to make anything and then it takes roughly 2 days to complete the whole process – resin needs 24hrs to cure and sometimes longer depending on how many layers of resin we have to use.

If we are using flowers we have to do 2 layers so the flowers don’t float to the top, if we are using mica powder or inks then that would only take 1 day.

There is a lot that we do to make sure your purchases are perfect for you, we wear masks and gloves as its very easy to get finger prints into the resin whilst it cures.

We do what we call ‘bubble checks’ every hour for the first 4 -6 hours, we make sure no bubbles have been trapped and come to the surface, when we use flowers you will see very small bubbles that have been trapped in the petals.

We have a Facebook group that we sell our items on and we have tried Etsy but found it way too expensive and the only sale we had was Lukes dad who bought a Necklace to make sure we have done it correctly.

We soon left the site and found Small & Beautiful by accident on Facebook, we love that all the sellers are from the UK and although it has only just launched we have had 3 sales already, which we are excited about.

We have found it really easy to add products and if we have any problems at all the Small & Beautiful team are only an email away.

The seller community is amazing too everyone is soo helpful and friendly.

We hope that we will one day be making something for you. If you have any questions or have had your eye on something then please feel free to message us or email at and we will be more than happy to help.

You can find a selection of our creations below and you can visit my Small & Beautiful Shop here:

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