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Gemma – Jimmytwosocks Creative

Gemma – Jimmytwosocks Creative

Hi, I’m Gemma, the founder, designer & maker behind Jimmytwosocks Creative.

As well as being a wife, busy mum to 4 kids & dog, I have a passion for sewing & solving your design problems!

I started my business Oct 2019 when the last of the children started school, although not fully sure which way I was going with it, sewing and the dog sparked joy so that’s where I started!

I took to making fabric facemasks April 2020 as that was what was needed so as things have settled down I was able to get back to dog related items!

The family dog, Jimmy, is my muse and the inspiration behind many of the dog related items I make.

Jimmy & I love to do dog agility and like to get away as a family to events (COVID allowing)!

I class myself as a Bespoke handmade designer!

I have a embroidery machine and the equipment to add heat vinyl transfer so can personalise just about anything!!!

I love to problem solve and most of my customers are the ones who have searched the Internet and can’t find exactly what they are looking for or not the right fabric/material/size/not enough pockets etc,

So that’s where I come in!

Drop me a message with your design problems for your dogs or items to help you owners.

Thank you for supporting small uk business

Gemma x

I turned one of the kids coats (which they had grown out of) into a treat and train carry bag!!

Some bespoke dog walking bags created to customer’s requirements.

Custom magnetic covers for the dog cages, my customer couldn’t find what she was looking for and set me the challenge…

We have done a couple of shows with our mobile horsebox converted into a shop which my very clever husband did for me but covid had put a stop to that!

You can find a selection of our creations below and you can visit my Small & Beautiful Shop here:

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