How to… Open your own shop!

Opening your own shop is super easy – follow the steps below to get your products online in a jiffy!

From the Vendor Registration Form:

Email address : Enter the email address you wish to register with

Password : Enter the password you wish to use to access your Shop

First and Last Name : This will be publicly displayed so you can either use your own name or put in your Store name here.

Shop Name : Enter the name of your Shop – this will then be appended to the next field and give you your unique Shop url.

Shop URL : This will automatically populate using the Shop Name.

This is the URL that your customers use to directly access your store.

Then click REGISTER.

Vendor Dashboard

You will then be taken to the Vendor Dashboard where you can further customise your shop with a banner, logo and add social media channels.

You access this functionality by clicking the ‘Settings‘ option:

Store Settings

From the Store Settings you can:

Upload a banner (a bit like the Facebook page banner) – dimensions should be 925px x 300px

Upload a profile image – this would normally be your Logo.

Shops that don’t have a Banner or Logo and haven’t listed any products within 7 days of opening will be disabled.

Add a Biography with some more detail about your Shop/Business.

For instructions on how to connect your shop and products to your Facebook Business Page Messenger click here!

Social Media Channels

Once that’s done head over to ‘Social Profile’ and add links to your social media channels.

When you’ve added your social media links there is one final step to ensure your Shop Logo appears when sharing the link to your shop on Facebook.

Click on Store SEO, Scroll down to Facebook Image, upload your shop logo/profile image and save changes and you have yourself a fully functioning online shop!

What’s Next?

If you need any help whatsoever please contact our support team through our contact form here or email us at

If you completed the opening of your shop you’re now going to want to start adding some products!

FAQ – Adding Products To Your Store!

Add Facebook Messenger To Your Shop & Products