How to… Add Facebook Messenger to your Shop and Products!

On of the great features we have is the ability to add a ‘Chat’ button to both your Shop and every one of your Products.

When a potential customer click on the ‘Chat’ button you will receive the message directly on you Facebook Business Page!

How cool is that!

There are two simple steps to connect your shop to your Facebook Business Page Messenger so that you customers can contact you on Facebook directly from your Shop profile or your individual Products!

Get Your Unique Shop URL

Go to Your Vendor Dashboard

Click on the icon at the bottom left – a square with an arrow pointing out

This will take you to your store – copy the whole store url – it will be something like:**your-shop-name**/

Go to Your Business Facebook Page

On the left hand side, right at the bottom, you’ll see ‘Settings’ click on this.

This will take you to the Facebook Page Settings screen.

From the Facebook Page Settings screen on the left-hand side right at the top, you will see ‘Messaging’.

Click on ‘Messaging to get to your page Messaging settings.

Scroll down the ‘Messaging’ page until you see the following option and click on the ‘Get Started’ button.

Go Through The following screens

Screen 1 – Set up chat plugin :

click ‘Next’

Screen 2 – Set up chat plugin LANGUAGE :

click ‘Next’

Screen 3 – Set up chat plugin CUSTOM COLOUR :

click ‘Next’

Screen 4 – Set up chat plugin WEBSITE DOMAINthis is the important one!

Enter your Small and Beautiful Shop URL as copied in the very first step.**your-shop-name**/

Then click on ‘Save’

Finally click on the Done button and that’s the first part complete!

2. Connect your Shop to your Facebook Page Messenger

First you’ll need your Facebook Page ID.

This isn’t the same as your Facebook Page name – you need to convert the page name to a numeric value using the Find My Facebook ID tool.

Simply open up Find My Facebook ID:

Paste your Facebook Page URL into the input window and click on ‘Get Facebook ID’:

This will then show you your Facebook Page ID – copy this somewhere as you will need to add this to your Shop settings.

If the above tool says your page isn’t found try using this link instead:

The Final Step!

Add your Facebook Page ID to your Shop Settings

Go to your Shops Vendor Dashboard Shop Settings page:

Make sure there is a ‘Tick’ next to Enable Live Chat

Enter you Facebook Page ID from the previous step

Click on Update Settings. and you’re all done!

You’re have now connected your Shop and Products to your Facebook Page Messenger so customers can contact you directly!

If you need any help whatsoever please contact our support team through our contact form here or email us at